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Public Safety Officer

Are you organizing an event in Victoria, Australia? The safety and well-being of your event-goers are of utmost importance, and that’s where I come in. As a Public Safety Officer, I am responsible for ensuring that all aspects of your event are compliant with the regulations and requirements related to safety, security, and crowd control.

I will work closely with you and other event management staff to identify and assess any potential safety and security risks and ensure that they are appropriately addressed. From the operation of safety equipment and systems to the safe installation of temporary utilities, I will make sure that your event is conducted safely and securely.

As a Public Safety Officer, I am responsible for the establishment and operation of evacuation procedures, as well as the safety of barriers and exits. I will control the use of naked flame in theatrical productions and ensure the exclusion of the public from unsafe areas of the POPE to prevent accidents or injuries.

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I will ensure that required crowd controllers are available to maintain crowd control and prevent overcrowding, and confirm that relevant documentation is displayed on prescribed temporary structures. In addition, I will make sure that all necessary facilities such as specified drinking water and toilet facilities are available to event-goers at all times, and that they are maintained in a clean and hygienic condition.

Your event-goers’ safety is my top priority, and I will ensure that access is provided for disabled persons and emergency services. I will ensure that all amusement rides are operated safely and that there are specified temporary handrails, balustrades, stairs, and landings for areas that are more than 1 metre above the surface beneath.

So, if you want to organize a successful event in Victoria, Australia, contact me today. As a qualified Public Safety Officer, I will ensure that your event is conducted safely and securely. Fill in the form now

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