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As your event marketer, one of the tools we use to enhance your profile is social media. Through social platforms we can help spread the word about your event and find your tribe.

Social media marketing - The Event Network

Make Your Event More Dynamic

Through Social Media

Social media marketing can give you the potential to reach wider audiences and to make your event more visible. It can be used to post invites and reminders, craft interesting messages, create surveys, set marketing objectives, start discussions, share videos and sneak peaks, offer incentives, and just generally get to know your community better. 

As your event partner we make use of the social platforms and their features and tools that are the best match for the type of event you are offering. This applies whether your event is corporate and business-like, entertaining, creative, charitable, sports-focussed, or something new and exciting.

Social media is all about community. This potentially makes it an ideal tool for sharing information about your event. As a two-way street, you can use it to create dialogue and invite people in your community to share their experiences and provide feedback. This all helps to make your event more dynamic and bring it to life. 

To create the best social media marketing strategies for your event, we take the time to understand what you want to achieve through your event and what the needs and desires of your participants are. This puts us in a position to determine the right sort of language to use in our campaigns and to create the type of events your community will be talking about long afterwards.

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