Designing, producing and delivering printed materials supports marketing and the operations necessary for a successful event. Materials are important for publicity and brings people’s attention to the event.

The following functions must be observed to enhance the effective management of materials.

Purpose and Objective

Firstly. you must determine promotional objectives and requirements. You need to understand the impact of the promotion and its effectiveness. You must also determine the operational objectives and requirements. Precise communication of the objectives and requirements is important. People must understand the importance of the material used. Finally, the scope of the materials used needs to be defined.

Content Development

Once the purpose is identified, you need to ascertain the content to be contained in the materials. Content can be acquired from internal or external stakeholders. You must incorporate and control the brand usage. Effective branding is recognised and easily identified by people. Use of appropriate language, style, organisation and format is necessary. They must be understood by the target audience or group. For example, if you are organising a youth event, the content must be catchy and appealing. Finally, prepare the content and layout for printing and production.

Media Selection

Analyse the media that is available for various requirements, then match mass media to the marketing motives, tactics and targets. You need to determine the approach and the impact of the mass media chosen for marketing purposes. Select the most suitable media for each type of materials, using a variety of media to reach more people.


Define the printing specifications in order to clarify what you are producing. Source suitable service providers with the best deals and determine the quantities and scheduling of materials. It is important to be clear on the exact number of materials to be produced to avoid wastage. You must oversee the quality control and accuracy of items. Do not compromise on the quality in order to make more materials.


After you have produced the materials you need to distribute the materials to the target group. Determine appropriate delivery methods and develop a distribution schedule. Formulating a plan of action and a distribution strategy increases productivity. Organise and assemble materials for distribution.  Make sure you define and comply with set procedures.

Material management is a key element in reaching your audience. Following the above functions helps manage the materials and the publicity of the event effectively.