Production management involves the incorporation, sourcing and selection of appropriate tools such as sound, lighting, visual projection, multimedia, special effects and other elements and services in order to meet the communication objectives of the event. The main aim of production management is to enhance effective communication concerning the event, especially to those who are not in attendance of the event.

Production management involves the utilisation of the following functions:

Audio-Visual Services

You need to ascertain what equipment is needed and understand their importance and relevance to the production of the event. Once you understand your requirements, you then select the equipment, services, providers and producers who have the equipment you require. Ensure there is sufficient power sources and a backup power source in case there is a power failure to avoid disruption to the event.


Lighting can be used to enhance the event. You need to understand lighting technology options and features which assist you to acquire the appropriate lighting. Different lighting can be used to represent different ideas for the event and it is important you understand the effects they might have. You can also use decorative lighting, especially if it is at night. Effective lighting is colourful and attractive, even to people who are not at the event. Finally, you need to determine the fixtures and the equipment requirements.


In order to have an effective sound production, you need to understand sound technology. You need to provide proper sound amplification. You need to understand the environment the event is being held in order to determine how far the sound needs to be heard. It is important not to cause disruptions to the surrounding houses or businesses. After understanding the sound needs, select the microphone types and loudspeakers that will be used in the event. The type of event, crowd and audience helps determine the type of sound system you will need.

Visual Production

Visual projection is what people see in the event. This is enhanced by understanding the projection technology and identifying the visual needs of the event. You need to decide what is seen in the event, especially to entice people who are not in the event. Visual production is enhanced by incorporating multimedia technology.

Special Effects

You need to identify goals and objectives of the special effects before choosing them. You need to evaluate and select effects and technology that you require for the event. You then need to incorporate the equipment and make sure you enhance the safety measures. Finally, you need to secure the qualified providers.

Production management has a major part in communicating what is happening in the event to people who are not necessarily at the event. Therefore, you should understand the importance of production and the important factors for effective production management.