Program design management is the establishment of a lineup of activities, displays, essential tasks and amenities, which builds the structure of the event to address all its’ components and what is required to communicate its goals and objectives.

An effective systematic program design is made up of the following.

Event Elements

As an events’ organiser, you need to determine all features and activities that will contribute to the success of an event. Once determined, characterise them according to their types and your expectations or achievements. Allocate a place or venue where the activities will take place and set a time frame for each activity to ensure no time is wasted. You will need to estimate a rough number of the attendees or participants.

Structure and Sequencing

Prepare an appropriate time schedule and allocate the tasks and activities to each time period. Ensure these elements are in harmony and appear on the schedule in order of occurrence. These activities and tasks need to be carried out quickly and efficiently for the schedule to be considered effective.

Exhibitors are important part of an event as they build the foundation for the success of the event and potential sponsorship deals. You need an effective plan which encourages the presence of exhibitors and designate time for presentations during the event. Choose exhibition contractors that offer products or services that are closely related to the theme of the event or whose target market are your projected attendees. If possible, allocate each exhibitor their own individual booth or stand and sufficient space so they can interact with the attendees comfortably.

Identify the proper set of systems, procedures and requirements to be observed by everyone who participates in the event. Allocate the most qualified personnel to ensure all activities flow and transition in a smooth manner. Make sure you identify and obtain the proper equipment for efficiency standards. Depending on the theme of the event and the prospective attendees, it is important for an event planner to understand and familiarise themselves with their religious requirements, or any rituals they observe, or are directly related to the event, or the day the event is expected to take place.

Special services

Establish is there is a need for competition or contests and set a time for them. You can enhance this by setting up hospitality services such as theme parks. These activities help give a light and fun touch to the event. Special services can be organised for prospective attendees, for instance, you can arrange for members of a hotel staff to serve free refreshments during the event. Depending on the time or season the event is taking place, you may want to organise a venue that has special features, such as a swimming pool if it is during summer to encourage more people to attend the event.

Developing a clear and organised program is a key factor when managing a successful event.