Site management is the process of considering, inspecting and then deciding which venue or location is suitable for your event. The venue should be in a friendly and secure environment, with easy access to your target audience and the suppliers.

The following are the key factors to consider when sourcing a venue:

Site Specification

As the events’ organiser, you  need to consider the nature of the event and requirements for the venue. Is it a corporate or a social event? Is it a high end or simple event and what is the budget allocation for hiring or renovation costs to suit the theme for the event? The type of event determines the geographic location. Consider features such as the space, housing, how accessible the venue is and the means of transport to get there.

Site Sourcing and Inspection

After you review the nature of the event, create a request for proposal (RFP) to be issued later to the owners or management of the potential venue. The RFP should contain all requirements for the event. Search for the sites that meet the requirements by consulting other event planners or searching the internet. Once you identify a potential venue, inspect it before the event to ensure it meets all the requirements.

Site Selection

Determine the site based on your priorities and preferences. After identifying the prospective venues, ensure they meet all the requirements stated in the RFP. Meet with the management of the venue, negotiate a price and draft a contract based on the venue. Contracts should only be signed once you are satisfied that the site meets your needs.

Site Layout

Establish a site plan for the event. This is an architectural drawing which sets out the location of the equipment and facilities to be used on the day the event begins. Ensure the site layout is safe, clearly understood and easily accessed.

Site Occupancy

Ensure the equipment is not carelessly handled or damaged by supervising its delivery. Develop clear guidelines stating how to keep the property in a good state. Monitor and control the site using reports that will help in documentation. Following the site closing procedures in a timely manner.

Ascertaining the right venue is critical. Make sure it is exactly what you want. Security and accessibility are key features.