Success Is Mental, Man! – Online Workshop

NMMNG Melbourne Chapter is proud to present Success is Mental Man online workshop by life coach circus arts therapist, and Mental Wealth advocate Sanford McMurray.

Wednesday, September 29, 2021
7:00 PM to 9:00 PM AEST

You’ve heard of Mental Health – but have you heard of Mental Wealth?
Sanford will give us an overview on promoting Mental Wealth and what that means as a man in today’s society.

In the two-hour Zoom call, we’ll hear from Sanford about:

– How men are valued
– Sharing men’s stories
– Two points from his Men’s 90 -Day Challenge book series – which we recommend you all read!
– Group share one dream or goal
– Breathwork to finish

Sanford McMurray is the facilitator of “Mental Wealth” programs for boys and men, a professional speaker, entrepreneur, and author of four empowering books: “Do You Live On Purpose?”, “The Heart Of Cheer”, the “Unlocking Fears” workbook and “Be You First.”

He holds a Diploma in Musical Theatre and Dance, a Diploma of Circus Arts, and an Advanced Diploma in Film, Television, and Stagecraft. He also holds accreditation for training and assessment (Certificate IV in Training and Assessment). And is in his final year of study for his Diploma of Counselling.

Sanford is also a Youth Leader at the YMCA Mango Hill and North Lakes Social Connection Program, a Sport and Performance Consultant, and a certified mental health First Aid officer. He drops truth bombs regularly on his Instagram and TikTok, @lifecoachtothearts.

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We also encourage you to consider buying Sanford’s 90-Day Men’s Challenge and reading his ebook series called Trimming the FAT.

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Let’s unlock our fears and reaffirm our presence!

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**Please note this is a male-only event**


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