The Administration domain deals primarily with the proper allocation, direction, and control of the resources used in an event project. Since resources are finite by definition, it is imperative that they be acquired, developed, and utilized in the most efficient and effective manner to benefit the event project and limit its risk.

Stakeholder Management

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Stakeholder management is the process of actively and effectively involving and engaging people, organisations or groups that have interest and are of direct or indirect benefits to the event, in all matters of the event. This includes the events’ organisers, service providers and suppliers, the government and its agencies, sponsors, [...]

Systems Management

2021-07-12T12:16:54+10:00March 14th, 2017|Administration|

Systems are automated structures that are put in place to enhance productivity and efficiency. Systems Management is the implementation and coordination of the various accountability, database, knowledge management and knowledge transfer systems. Using suitable technology applications and equipment to integrate the needs of the event project and enterprise is an [...]


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Information management involves getting information from different sources, putting them in order and then maintaining the information. Big events require more people to serve in the information team as there should be an Information Manager. Information is a fundamental component of planning and producing events. Information management involves the following [...]

Human Resource Management

2021-07-12T12:17:17+10:00March 14th, 2017|Administration|

Human Resources Management ('HRM') is responsible for recruitment and management. HRM provides administrative services to the employees, workers on contract and volunteers based on labour laws, so they can provide their best services for a successful event. The event's Human Resources ('HR') department's staff members provide oversight, training and coaching. [...]

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