Promotions management involves the procurement and organisation of advertising campaigns, promotional events and giveaway activities that are conducted in order to generate attention, interest and demand for the event. Different approaches can be employed for people to be made aware of the event.

For effective promotions management, the following factors must be considered:


This is a major function of promotions. First, you need to evaluate media outlets and techniques that are available, identify which are suitable and negotiate the media buys. Make sure you acquire the best deal in the media houses to avoid overspending. Verify the delivery of the content to ensure what is advertised is what you desire. This can be done by evaluating performance of the media outlets.

Promotional Events

A promotional event is an occasion that draws attention to a particular product. This can be done by evaluating the strengths and weaknesses of the events. You need to decide what impact they will have which can be done by determining objectives or any restrictions. You also need to consider factors such as timelines, resources and responsibilities.

To get the most out of the promotional events, you need to maximise on the media coverage.

Cross-Promotion Activities

This is a form of marketing promotion where customers of one product are targeted with the promotion of a related product. This can be achieved by seeking promotional partnership opportunities. You need to specify the objectives. Negotiate a clear logo and appropriate branding for your event.

Finally, accommodate promotions from a wide variety to ensure the audience gets the most out of one advertisement. This means having one major advertisement and then using that platform to advertise other products that will be in the event.

Sales Promotions

Identify and evaluate the event activities. The activities help determine your promotion type. You then need to implement an effective strategy to ensure people purchase tickets as quickly as possible. Conducting suitable giveaways is another way to promote sales. Ensure the product you give away does not adversely affect your budget. Keep gifts relevant, for example, things that people will enjoy using e.g. t-shirts, bracelets or umbrellas. Coordinate appropriate displays.


Contests are competitions used to promote awareness of an event. They bring people together to participate and give you the opportunity to advertise the event. Appropriateness is key to success. Clear rules, regulations, and selection criteria need to be set to be fair to the participants. Contests often have winners and therefore it is important to have a clear prize system. No biases are important to avoid the event gaining a bad image.

Promotions management is essential in event management as it helps people understand more about the event. Observing the above guidelines helps implement a successful management of promotions.