Public relations is the professional maintenance of a favourable public image.  This is achieved by maintaining beneficial relationships with the media which enhances the image of the event, especially in times of crisis and controversy.

Effective Public Relations Management can be achieved by observing the following key features:

Strategy Development

In order to develop a clear strategy, you need to understand the different dynamics of the public and the audience you are addressing. Identify the needs and objectives for activities. Articulated messages which are easy to understand are needed for credibility with the public. Ascertaining suitable media for different audiences is crucial.

Publicity Plan

Once you have a clear strategy, you then need to develop a plan of action. Determine the objectives of your publicity coverage. Understand the impact the publicity will have on the event. Identify suitable media and communication outlets, sourcing only those who meet your expectations. Create a media contact list and prepare the content for the publicity materials.

Media Relations

Preparing timely and newsworthy media releases helps maintain beneficial relations with the media. Always accommodate and respect any needs or restrictions they might have like access to facilities or information. Providing sincere information without exaggeration is key to building positive relationships.

Image and Issues Management

Create public relations programs which allows feedback and audience participation by identifying different methods of interaction. Educate people concerning the event so they understand what it is.

Crisis Management

Crisis and problems are situations that can mar the image of the event to the public and need to be handled with wisdom. Ensuring internal identification of the crisis before it reaches the public is paramount. This can be achieved through effective communication protocols and guidelines which control the flow of information within team members. Ensure they practice confidentiality. Nominate a spokesperson and train them to speak for the organisation to maintain consistency with the information. Information needs to be communicated quickly and effectively.

Public relations is the professional maintenance of a favourable public image and following the above ensures this.