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Participant management ensures the needs of every person who has a role in the event are met based on their active involvement in the event project. Participant management is based on the following elements: Participant Assessment Before planning any event or project you need to identify the people who have a [...]


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Communications management is the systematic development and presentation of information, data and ideas within and between organisations. Implementing an accurate communication system ensures the correct information is passed to the targeted attendees in a timely manner. For effective communication during events and projects, your organisation should observe the following key [...]


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Attendee management controls registration, admission and ticketing systems, whilst facilitating the movements of people within and outside of the event. Attendee management can be achieved through the following strategies. Admissions Strategy This is where organise structures for who to admit and how to admit them. It involves ascertaining the range [...]


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This is the acquisition of required staging and equipment for the event. It includes supervising the installation, operation, and technician personnel to ensure the production plans for the event are achieved. The major functions of technical management are discussed below:. Assessment When completing the assessment, you need to consider the staging [...]


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Site management is the process of considering, inspecting and then deciding which venue or location is suitable for your event. The venue should be in a friendly and secure environment, with easy access to your target audience and the suppliers. The following are the key factors to consider when sourcing a [...]


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Logistics management is the discipline that deals with the detailed arrangement, organisation and implementation of all the activities involved in planning an event or project. Below are the major steps to follow for the effective logistics management of any event: Task Analysis Develop a detailed description of all the tasks [...]

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