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DECISION MANAGEMENT is the ability to establish responses to critical moments before, during and after the event. It involves accurate framing of decisions i.e. the application of relevant resources, criteria, rules and restraints. Coordinate and facilitate issue discussions, suitable collaborations and ensure appropriate authority and empowerment is allocated to key staff. [...]


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This is the acquisition of the necessary permissions and documents which demonstrate that you have obeyed all the accessibility mandates and property right requirements which indicate that the event has met its legal obligations. In order to comply effectively, the following factors must be considered: Access Legal and Regulatory Obligations [...]

Health and Safety

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Health and safety management is the establishment of policies and procedures which ensure the health and well-being of everyone involved in the planning of a project or the attendees of an event. The policies and procedures revolve around work and life safety and the control of large numbers of crowd [...]


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This is the process of negotiating and executing contracts and other legal documents associated with the event project. It incorporates a lawful design and implementation of the policies, procedures and practices of the event organisation and its representatives. Effective legal management involves the following key practices: Legal commitment recognition Determine [...]


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Insurance management is risk management which covers or avoids risk and uncertain loss. The acquisition of suitable insurance policies to maintain suitable loss prevention coverage and risk financing for the event project is required. Effective insurance management involves the following procedures: Exposures and Requirements Determine the major risks or dangers [...]


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Emergency management is the development of efficient response procedures for attendees and stakeholders in the case of disturbances, dangers or urgent situations. It involves identifying and notifying the relevant authorities, medical personnel and other emergency responders such as firefighters if there are threats during the event. Listed below are systems [...]

Security Management

2021-07-12T12:17:31+10:00March 14th, 2017|Featured, Risk|

Security management identifies an organisation's , company’s or an individual’s assets during an event. Assets can range from physical objects like speakers and staging to cash, or even people, patrons, VIP guests and performers. Once the assets are identified, implement effective security measures and strategies to ensure the asset(s) are secure. [...]

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